Attosecond Technology: Hyperspectral holographic coherent diffractive imaging


Hyperspectral holographic coherent diffractive imaging

In the x-ray portion of the spectrum, lenses do not exist.  Coherent diffractive imaging is a way to form an image of a tiny object without a lens.  We use the broad spectrum of a high-harmonic XUV source, by using Fourier transform spectroscopy to create a hyperspectral image of the diffraction.  For each frequency in the image, the holographic diffraction pattern is unfolded to give an image.  The images shown here are for individual harmonic frequencies H7-H17.


Yijian Meng, Chunmei Zhang, Claude Marceau, A. Yu. Naumov, P. B. Corkum, and D. M. Villeneuve,
Octave-spanning hyperspectral coherent diffractive imaging in the extreme ultraviolet range,
Optics Express 23 28960-28969 (2015)

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