Extreme nonlinear optics in solids: high-field physics of quantum materials

High-field physics of quantum materials

In solids, high harmonic radiation arises from the sub-cycle dynamics of electrons and holes under the action of an intense laser field. The strong-field regime opens new opportunities to understand and control carrier dynamics on ultrafast time scales, including the coherent dynamics of quasiparticles such as massless Dirac fermions. Here, we irradiate monolayer and few-layer graphene with intense infrared light to produce nonperturbative harmonics of the fundamental up to the seventh order. We find that the polarization dependence shows surprising agreement with gas-phase harmonics. Using a two-band model, we explore the nonlinear current due to electrons near the Dirac points, and we discuss the interplay between intraband and interband contributions to the harmonic spectrum. This interplay opens new opportunities to access ultrafast and strong-field physics of graphene.

Taucer, M., et al. PRB 96.19 (2017): 195420.

Attosecond Science at uOttawa and NRC