NRC/uOttawa Attosecond Science

Femtosecond Science at NRC

Femtosecond science at the Sussex Drive, Ottawa, location of NRC is divided among three groups: (1) Attosecond Science, (2) Molecular Photonics, and (3) Theory and Computation.  These groups are loosely led by world-renowned physicist, Paul Corkum.

Attosecond Science

This group studies atoms and molecules in intense laser fields.  Research covers the time range of femtoseconds to attoseconds.

Molecular Photonics

This group studies the dynamics of small to medium size molecules using a variety of diagnostics such as time resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, and coincident photoelectron/photoions.

Theory and Computation

This group applies analytical and numerical models to study problems of atoms and multielectron systems in strong fields.