NRC/uOttawa Attosecond Science

Attosecond Science at NRC

The National Research Council of Canada houses ones of the world's most influential groups in femtosecond and attosecond science.  They specialize in femtosecond laser sources, attosecond xuv sources, strong field atomic and molecular physics, molecular dynamics, and theory of atoms and molecules in intense fields.

The Attosecond group is part of the Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory (JASLab), a partnership between the University of Ottawa and the National Research Council of Canada.  JASLab is headed by Paul Corkum, who is a professor at the University of Ottawa and a staff member at NRC. JASLab has a separate website.

The NRC Attosecond group is part of the Quantum Photonics Sensing and Security (QPSS) Program, which is part of the Security and Disruptive Technologies (SDT) Portfolio within NRC.